What We Believe

It is the mission of the Public Libraries of Bradford County to improve the quality of library service by encouraging the sharing of resources, facilitating collaboration and communication between its members, and providing support services to help local libraries meet their missions.

The public library is a unique institution with deep roots in communities across the country. Those roots run so deep because of the commitment by community members to ensure that knowledge and education are for everyone. The public library continues to be a community center, a “first teacher” for many preschoolers, a safe and friendly family place, a resource for students and job seekers, and a lifelong learning center. Learn more about us.


pa-forward-literacies-296x277PA Foward

pa-forward-logoPA Forward is about people.

Find out what you can do to ensure that libraries throughout Pennsylvania have the resources they need to help people meet life’s demands and reach their greatest potential.

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